About the Author


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Hello! I am Jillian Palmatier, the writer and creator of The Nourishing Feast.

I am a daughter of the King, wife to my best friend and a homeschool mama of three amazing children. I hold a B.S. in Elementary Education. I am a K-6 certified teacher in the state of Florida. I started my teaching career in the public school system in a top rated school district. I taught at my districts first digital conversion school utilizing my organizational skills for curriculum planning and effectively using technology in the classroom.

The Nourishing Feast is a labor of love that I first created for my own family. When we first started homeschooling, we researched countless avenues and resources. A friend of my mine introduced us to Charlotte Mason. Charlotte’s philosophies on education mirror imagined everything we were trying to create in our home. We wanted to teach the whole child and spread a daily feast of ideas before them. We wanted lessons to be kept short to provide them for self exploration. We longed for the deep and meaningful conversations about living books, snuggled up over a cup of tea or hot chocolate.

When I was looking for inspiration, I read “The Life Giving Table” by Sally Clarkson. I remember her saying “creating a life giving table is an intentional act of gathering, blessing, eating, sharing and serving.” This was exactly what we wanted to accomplish in our home. My husband and I now shared a vision of our family gathered around our kitchen table with a candle lit, an overflowing stack of rich literature, yummy snacks to share and lively conversations about heroic characters, who sparked our imaginations and changed our viewpoints on life. The Nourishing Feast provides this for our family. Our hope is that our teaching guides provide your family with the Charlotte Mason education you are seeking for your children.