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At The Nourishing Feast, we want your family to develop a love of history through rich literature. We provide parents with teaching guides to help them create an engaging learning experience.

The Nourishing Feast has a four-year history curriculum rotation that is modeled after the history programmes created by Charlotte Mason. Your entire family will be studying the same time period each year.

How is the four-year history cycle arranged?

history cycles

The chart above shows the history cycle used in The Nourishing Feast. Year I actually starts before 1000 A.D. with a Native American study. The time periods and topics for Ancient History are in the process of being outlined. We have broken up each cycle year into three twelve-week terms based on Charlotte Mason’s programs. To make our curriculum guides budget friendly, we have created a separate guide for each twelve-week term. For example, for one school year, you can choose to purchase all three of our history guides bundled together or separately throughout the year, as you need them.

Each of our curriculum guides is designed around one topic and includes all Forms that are discussed below. For example, our Native American History Guide brings your entire family together to study one topic and time period, but the living books selected are organized by Forms.

What is a Form?

The Nourishing Feast is divided into Forms. The Forms allow parents the freedom to place their child in the curriculum, where their learning needs are best met. As a child progresses through the Forms, their expectations become greater. The chart below explains our Forms.

forms for the nourishing feast

What does the weekly schedule for the History Guides look like?

chart for weekly history schedule

The guides are designed with a four day a week schedule in mind since Charlotte Mason believed children should be outside for half of one day each week. This will also work perfectly for families who have a homeschool community to attend one day each week.


What can you look forward to from The Nourishing Feast?

As I create each curriculum guide, I will load them onto the site. If you sign-up to follow us, you will receive an alert by e-mail when it is loaded. My goal each school year is to load two history curriculum guides.