Form I Copywork Books


We have created these copywork books for Form I students. You can find out more about Forms here. The copywork resources used in this book have been carefully selected from living books to provide your child with a rich vocabulary. Children will be exposed to a wide variety of hymns, poems, fables, and scripture. Each page provides a model line for your child to copy. Each copywork selection is broken apart into smaller sections. This allows your child to be successful with one section at a time. The short lessons give the opportunity for full attention and focus. The handwriting in this book is in Zaner Bloser style.

This book contains the copywork resources for a Form 1 student.

  • Each book covers one school term, which is 12 weeks. The books were designed with a four day a week schedule in mind since Charlotte Mason believed children should be outside for half of one day each week. This will also work perfectly for families who have a homeschool community to attend one day each week.
  • The books will include four lessons in copy work for each week. Dictation lessons will not start until Form II. Read the included guide for how to implement copywork.
  • The book uses a variety of hymns, poems, fables and scripture for resources.
  • Complete one or two pages per lesson to finish these books in one school year.
  • Each lesson should take about 5-10 minutes.

Click here to download a sample from A Copywork Book Form I, Book 1.

*Note: By clicking the PayPal links above, you will automatically be redirected to purchase the books. There will be no physical product mailed to you. Your Paypal will be billed $15.99 for each book. After purchase, you will be redirected to a private page to download the guide.  You can then view the book on your device and print out the pages at home or your local printer.  Since this is a digital product, there are no returns. Thank you for your understanding.

Be sure to download our FREE A Guide for Parents NarrationYou can read more about narration in this blog post. This guide will be your handbook to teach your child about the art of narration in a Charlotte Mason education. The guide is great to share with family members or friends that want to learn more about narration.