Advent Copywork and Dictation Book




We made this book for you to give your family a rich Charlotte Mason Education!

Families gather together to celebrate the birth of Jesus, using carefully selected scriptures and hymns.

This book contains four weeks of copywork and dictation lessons created for the season of Advent.

Children in all Forms should do a copywork lesson daily. Form I children will need more guidance when completing their lessons. As students progress through the Forms, they should complete their work more independently.  You can find out more about Forms here.

In this book, dictation exercises are scheduled to be completed once a week. Students will be introduced to the dictation on the first day of the week. They will prepare for the dictation exercise, using a variety of materials to best suit their needs. We have included a guide for parents on copywork and dictation. Charlotte Mason believed dictation should be delayed, until children were eight or nine. If your child is not ready for dictation, you will only complete the copywork lessons provided.

The book can be used with families who have been using Charlotte Mason’s methods for a while or just starting for the first time. The book includes:

  • Description of the Charlotte Mason methods used in this book
  • Guide for parents on implementing copywork and dictation
  • Daily copywork lessons
  • Weekly dictation lesson

Click here to download a sample from Advent Copywork and Dictation Book.

The book is designed with a four day weekly schedule in mind, since Charlotte Mason believed children should be outside for half of one day each week. This will also work perfectly for families who have a homeschool community to attend one day each week.

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Be sure to download our FREE A Guide for Parents NarrationYou can read more about narration in this blog post. This guide will be your handbook to teach your child about the art of narration in a Charlotte Mason education. The guide is great to share with family members or friends that want to learn more about narration.